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  • Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 09:26:53 +1100

I've had this happen during setup of new servers - the database will get =
brought down.
Are you using the Veritas Oracle agent or the Veritas Open File Option?
How are you doing your DB backups - is Veritas meant to back up the DB, =
or are you (eg) doing RMAN to disk and then Veritas of those RMAN files =
to tape?

Suggestion - have Veritas file backup exclude all the data, redo & =
control files.
        Some ways to achieve this are to use dedicated dirs or dedicated drives 
for these files & only these files & then exclude the dir / drive from =
the OS backup.

Also exclude the Intelligent agent queue files (?\network\agent\*.q) - =
until this was done we would get Dr Watson errors & the IA service =

Bruce Reardon

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From: Bryan Wells
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9205 DataWarehouse on W2K Advanced Server.  Has anyone ever had any
issues with Veritas running weekend fulls on everything, including
data files and oracle binaries?  would veritas take precedence by
locking these files for backup, not allowing the db to access them?

We seem to be having this issue.  i can see the error in the alert
log, and correspond it to a rough time that veritas had the specific
data file locked for backup.  im making assumtions, but we believe
that it is this that brings the DB down.  could this hard down cause
corruption in our MV indexes, especially since they are not being
rebuilt when the MV is being rebuilt.  or does dropping the MV
recreate the index?

Bryan S Wells - DBA Newbie

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