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Actually, this is the perfect forum to discuss these types of topics. I
see a big issue when going with one vendor, quality. Oracle's EM is an
example of a low-quality product that has not matured even after being
in the market for a number of years. Having worked with both EM and
Precise, I can tell you Precise is a much superior product than EM when
doing performance tuning.

A few years ago, Oracle came out with its Sales Online module for the
e-Business suite which was all JSP based. We initiated a pilot where we
implement that module and gave access to our sales folks in the field as
an alternative to the existing application that they were already using.
The goal was to eliminate that other application which had a Visual
Basic front-end so that we could reduce the TCO.  Guess what; there were
so many performance issues with that module (and all related to JSPs)
that the sales people refused to use it anymore and preferred their
existing application. You can apply the TCO argument when going with one
vendor but when it comes to quality when dealing with the mission
critical apps, one vendor does not mean reducing TCO. If Oracle could
develop everything by itself then why did it have to buy its rivals
Siebel & PeopleSoft? That is because they specialized in what they were
selling and after working on those modules for a number of years, Oracle
could still not match the functionality of those products offered by
Siebel & PS.

In the context of clustering, even if you eliminate the third-party
cluster-ware products, you still have the other pieces of the pie, like
the OS, the storage (SAN, etc.), the interconnect, etc., so the
finger-pointing will not go away. I have worked with the VOS support
many times in the past and I can tell you that in each conference call,
VERITAS support never pointed fingers towards anyone. In fact, their
support people were so competent that they even identified issues that
were related to SAN and even the analysts from the storage SAN company
were not able to identify them.

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I may not be able to comment further because of the obvious reasons :)
But having a single vendor for the entire suite certainly helps  (at
least no finger pointing when there is an issue) and I do not see
anything wrong in it.  Also why would you need to depend on somebody
(i.e third party cluster ware) when you want to run your database in a
cluster environment. It does not make any sense to me :). Also when the
focus (!) is on reducing the TCO, eliminating another layer of $$
certainly reduces the co$t.

BTW, at the end of the day they all are arguments. Reality is somewhat
close to the other end. :)). We can take that offline..


On 12/19/06, Hameed, Amir <Amir.Hameed@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Now, why would Oracle stop supporting VERITAS in the future, when it 
> is and has been one of the most robust and well architected clustering

> product in the market for years? Is this more of an "out of the habit"
> thing for Oracle now to try and eat other people's lunch or does poor 
> Larry needs more money to buy a bigger yacht? It will be a real shame 
> if Oracle succeeds in doing that.
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> David,
> I have few customers (few, really few) customers running 10gR2 RAC on 
> top of Veritas (that is due to their corporate licencing from Veritas)

> and Oracle certainly supports Veritas (at least on current versions).
> However this may (!) change in future !
> On 12/17/06, Best, David <David.Best@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hey,
> >
> >  Just curious, anyone out there running 10gR2 RAC on top of Vertias 
> > even tho it hasn't been certified by Oracle....?  From Veritas's 
> > website they support 10g but any idea when it may be certified?

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