RE: Verify Piipe Exists

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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 12:58:39 -0500

Donald, Try the following query:

set echo off
rem  pipe_usr.sql
rem  SQL*Plus script to display Oracle pipe usage
rem  19980204  m d powell   New Script.
select u.username,, p.type
from   v$db_pipes p,
       sys.dba_users u
where  p.ownerid = u.user_id
order by, u.username

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I am trying to install a vendor application with an Oracle repository =
and not making much progress.   The install has failed and the cleanup =
requires that the pipe be purged and removed or the database be bounced. =
I've been through this four times since Friday afternoon.   I can't find =
any way to view whether or not a pipe exists.  I know its not a =
conventional database object and that its some sort of memory structure. =
 Is there a way to do this?  Where do I look?

This is what they gave me to remove the pipe.

declare ret number;=20

Don Freeman
Database Administrator 1
Pennsylvania Dept of Health
Bureau of Information Technology


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