RE: VMWARE's virtualization and processor licensing

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The difference is hardware vs software.  Just like with domains, if it's
a hard partition you only have to license the cpus on the hard
partition.  Oracle VM lies between the hardware and software and is
built on Xen.  VMWare is software and even if you specify that you only
want it to use 4 cpus, it really has access to all 8.  Xen on the other
hand segregates the cpus just like a hard partition.  It'll be
interesting to see if they allow Oracle to be run on VirtualBox.

My $0.02.


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The short (and unfortunate) answer is that you have to license Oracle
for each processor in your VM server. You  don't have the ability to
declare, for example, that that you're only going to use 4 of the 8
cores in your Vmware server for database VMs, and only pay for Oracle
RDBMS licenses on those 4 cores. Oddly enough, you *can* do this if
you're running Oracle VM...hmm...:-)


John P.

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> I am seeking information on VMWAREs virtualization software and how it
impacts processor licensing for Oracle.  Any information would be
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