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Looks like I misread the earlier post,  Its working correctly on the machine
with the 9i and 8i clients on it.   In that case, it just about has to be
compiling against 9i on the working machine, since 8i client wont work with
the 10g database.  I believe only 9i will work on 8i, 9i, and 10g.

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I will try this but if it is working fine on other PC, then it look
strange. Anyway I found one interesting point that the PC where it is
working has Oracle 8i and 9i Client installed and so It may be possibel that
this application is specifically compile with other libraries. I will update
if I found somethink that in next email.


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 Once in the past I had an app default the tnsnames.ora to
$TNS_ADMIN/sample/tnsnames.ora instead of $TNS_ADMIN/tnsnames.ora.

You might check and make sure its not trying to go to the sample tnsnames,
perhaps by moving, renaming, or deleting it.

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 I had a weird situation where I had 3 PC and Oracle 10g Client is
installed on them. I had installed one of the VB application on all three
connecting to Oracle 10g DB.

 One PC is able to read the Service correctly and connect to the database
while others are not

 THere is only One Oracle Home on them

 Sqlplus work fine in connecting to the Database and So TNS Service or
alias are correct

 I tried to trace parameter in sqlnet.ora but found that only Sqlplus
connection is only creating Trace file while there is no trace file created
with VB Access which look like that it is not reading the Tnsnames.

 No Oracle errors except database does not exist

 I had also added TNS_ADMIN in environment pointing to OH/network/admin

 Any other suggestion


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