Re: V$ views in transactions

  • From: ryan_gaffuri@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: joshic@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 15:28:04 +0000

Typically when someone goes 'never' its an over simplification and is often 
wrong. The only time I say 'never' is when I talk to a non-technical person or 
someone without database skills, since its too much info to explain the 
details. Most people who say 'never' to other professionals with the same 
skillset typically don't know that much and when pressed do not know the 
details of 'why'. So there opinion is often not trustworthy. It's one of those 
red-herrings that sets off alarms for me. 
People don't include v$views in stuff like this because if you do it alot, it 
hurts performance. Sounds like you are including it as part of a statspack 
routine that runs what 3 times a day? It shouldn't be a problem. 

Its not uncommon to want to capture v$data statically for later analysis. Just 
don't run it out of a loop or on-demand. Periodic uses are perfectly 

> Dear all, 
> Version 
> OS: Solaris 8 
> I have written a tiny stored procedure which does a SELECT from v$sql and 
> v$sql_workarea and INSERTs into local tables. The reason for doing this is 
> that STATSPACK does not take snapshot of v$sql_workarea table, and I thought 
> this information would be useful to accurately calculate values for 


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