RE: V$ access for production support

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Add me to the group that grants access to query the views but puts a
strict resource limit on through the profile. 

As others have said, the developers know the application best.  We went
through about a 6 month period where developers (per senior management
edict) were not allowed any access to the production servers.  So when a
batch job malfunctioned they'd come up to my desk and they'd tell me
what to type to check what data had been processed so far, etc.  I'm
very happy that this edict was eventually revoked.

On the other hand, many years ago I had a production database *crash*
because someone was running a huge query that was doing full table scans
and sort-merge joins on about 6 different 100 million row tables.  That
was when we instituted the resource limits...

Jay Miller
Sr. Oracle DBA
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How about v$session_longops? It's not a restricted view and it's
supposed to 
be used to monitor progress of long running queries/transactions?




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