RE: Using functions in sqlldr cripples performance

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Subject: Using functions in sqlldr cripples performance

I have a Oracle 9 direct load sqlldr routine which provides adequate
performance but have now had a request to delete some characters from the
data during the load and set some fields to upper case. 
However tests show that using UPPER or TRANSLATE in the sqlldr control file
has huge negative impact on performance of the load.
Anyone got a solution to this ?
John Dunn
This was a well publicised bug - there was all this hoopla about "direct
load NOW with functions as well" when v9 came out, and it was pretty easy to
prove that it ran like a fact, conventional load ran much faster
than the direct counterpart.
So I'd try conventional load - otherwise look at doing the equivalent
functions before the load (eg in C or perl)

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