Re: Using SAN or local drives?

  • From: Nathan Dietsch <njd@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: anjo.kolk@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 01:14:53 +1000

Hello Anjo,

Anjo Kolk wrote:
Normally when things run slow, you are using a SAN. If things are fast, you are local disks.
If that really is your expectation, then I think you need to look at your SAN configuration for performance issues. Generally the access to disks on a storage array are faster than access to local disks. Write-cache is wonderful stuff when you can get it.
On 9/29/06, *J. Dex* <cemail_219@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:cemail_219@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    By using df -k, how can I tell whether a system is using a SAN
    device versus
    having everything on local drives?    If it is all logical drives,
    all of the mount points start out with something like
    /dev/lvm0/  and then be sliced up among Logical Volumes?


Which OS are you using? I am assuming Linux or HP-UX given the mention of LVM. The specifics would be different for each OS, but you should be able to trace from the device mounted (seen using df -k) to see actual controllers in use and this would tell you whether you are using a SAN or local disks.

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Nathan Dietsch

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