Re: Used size of a datafile.

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  • Date: Sat, 8 Jan 2005 16:21:24 +0800

hi,Vinod Gopinath          BMMI IS

you can  join   dba_extents to   dba_data_files   with  file id and  

Best regards

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a dba from alibaba(china)

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>I have this query
>select distinct substr(a.TABLESPACE_NAME,1,10) "T N",
>substr(a.FILE_NAME,1,40) "F N",
> sum(a.bytes/1024/1024) "Size (M)"
> from dba_data_files a
> order by 1,2
>Gives me proper result, but I want to see how much of the space is used
>by each datafile. Which table should I refere for this query.
>I know this has been asked many a times, but one more time.



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