RE: Usage of Temporary Table?

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Thanks Raj for the Global Temporary Tables' Advice.

Only 3 Tables hold the login info. Each Table has only 1 or 2 indexes.

These are small Tables with a few rows being inserted / updated into
each table per user login

Database will be a RAC Setup.

Approx a Total of 30,000 Concurrent users will login to do a set of OLTP
Transactions for an upcoming Benchmark.

If you could clarify what sys_context & VPD meant?

Any Docs, Links?



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you can use GTTs, they can be made session specific. However, you might
pay a performance penalty if you over index them and if this is RAC,
never ever try to truncate them. They will do all you want. GTTs are a
good thing when used in moderation.

OTOH, if the data is small (i.e. few rows) have you considered using
sys_context? Tom (of askTom fame) has a bunch of examples of using
sys_context especially when he shows VPD.


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Subject: Usage of Temporary Table?


On login by a User into our Hybrid Banking Application certain session
information e.g. role of user, operational authority of user etc is
INSERTED into a few Tables which needs to be preserved only till the
life of the respective user login session i.e. till the User logs OUT.

Additionally on a Database re-start we would prefer the respective
tables to get automatically Truncated/Flushed but with the Table
Structure & corresponding Indexes continuing to exist. We would prefer
NOT to manually create the Table Structure & respective indexes on DB

NOTE - Both Dedicated & Shared Servers Database connections are used.

Currently PERMANENT Tables are being used for the same 

Qs Can some types of Temporary tables be used instead in Oracle - 10.2?

NOTE - Redo need NOT be logged for these Tables.

Thanks indeed

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