RE: Urgent Notification for all eBS users!

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In some past releases versions of java engines have *almost* worked for EBS. 
EBS pushes forms in particular ways and probably more vigorously than most 
other applications.

Now I do not know particular show stoppers, but Steven Chan, et. al, want to 
thoroughly prevent you from having a bad experience. When just a few things 
don't work, like strangely having the focus be in the wrong place or something 
rare enough to make it difficult to exactly diagnose, that is a kind of hell 
you would do well to avoid.

So, if you're using EBS, please partake of this warning and procedure and stay 
tuned for updates. I'd bet a dozen donuts (and I like donuts) that Steven has a 
team working hard on this and that he did not take issuing this urgent warning 

As per usual, if you control the code of an application using Forms and it 
misbehaves with a new release of java, making a tweak that avoids the problem 
is often possible. As a consumer of EBS, you are ill advised to proceed on 
uncertified pieces of the stack because your recourse to hitting something that 
does not quite work is limited.



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We are running Forms with java 1.7 with a couple hundred users without 
(for over 6months now)
I'm also running some custom Forms apps with java 1.7 without issues.
We use the Forms bootstrapper I've written so we don't need to change anything 
on the client-side.


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I agree disabling the JRE auto-update is probably the safest (and supported) 
route, but just in case anyone is interested in proceeding with the upgrade to 
Java 7, I have tested it with Oracle Forms (not EBS) and at first I 
received the misleading error "FRM-92095: Oracle Jinitiator version too low", 
but then I was able to get Forms to work by adding the following JRE runtime 
parameter as described here (see the Update at the bottom of the article and 
more detail in the comments):

-Djava.vendor="Sun Microsystems Inc."

I've had several users running Oracle Forms with Java 7 for a month or so now 
and they've said it actually runs BETTER than Java 6 did.  They were having 
some problems with Forms intermittently not responding to keyboard input on 
Java 6 (possibly only occurred when using IE9), but that problem went away when 
they upgraded to Java 7.

The only problem we have noticed when running Forms on Java 7 is that on our 
login screen the Tab key doesn't work so the users have to enter their username 
and then mouse-click into the password field to enter their password rather 
than tabbing into it.  Again, this is with a 3rd party app running on Forms - 
not EBS so I have no idea if EBS would have this same problem or not.




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