RE: Upper Case retrieval of Data - Possible ?

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If you want all upper without modifying the existing queries, you create a
view. Of course the real table will need to be renamed first if you really
want to avoid modifying the code at all (so that the current name in the
query is available as the name for the view.)

What part of SQL*Server destroys the uppercase-lowercase distinction? In
case I ever have to use that database I want to know. That may be even more
information content destructive than confusing the zero length string with a
NULL value.



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Subject: Upper Case retrieval of Data - Possible ?

As part of porting an Application from SQL*Server to Oracle, when using
SQL/PLSQL etc we need to retrieve Data in UPPER Case "Database-wide"
irrespective of Case of storage of data within the field of Table/Index.

Wish to Avoid specifying UPPER Clause in the where Query.

NOTE - Data may be stored in Upper or Lower Case in Different fields of the

NOTE - In the Previous T-SQL Code on SQL*Server the UPPER Clause was NOT

Is it possible?

Target Oracle ver = 9.2

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