Re: Upgrade 9 to 11 & Big Endian to Little Endian

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You may want to research Oracle Goldengate.


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Upgrade 9 to 11 & Big Endian to Little Endian
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All - We have a bunch of databases on Solaris 9.2 (big endian) that need 
to be upgraded to 11.2 on Linux (little endian).

Since 9i doesn’t have an rman convert datafile, what are the options to 
make the move in one shot?

Im pretty sure imp/exp can do the smaller databases but most of them are 
large, so that won’t be an option.

I bet another suggestion is to upgrade first to 10... then use rman 
convert, I don’t think management will support a "two hop" upgrade. 
(double work, double outage, double testing)

Does anyone have firsthand experience of the hard and fast options for 
this situation?

I did some initial research and its all saying imp/exp or go to 10 first.

Im looking for other options. (if any)

Much Appreciated



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