Re: Transfer of Oracle-L - plea to Jared

  • From: Jared.Still@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 15:16:59 -0700

> Jared,
> I think you just got spooked by the fact you THINK you
> might be somehow responsible if someone posts a "bad"
> email. I'm asking you to reconsider your decision.
> Oracle-l has always been unmoderated, and it still is,
> so you're completely in the clear if someone posts
> something "bad".  As a matter of fact, it's the fact
> that it's unmoderated that makes oracle-l the best
> Oracle community on the net.
If a list is unmoderated, that means that that if you
are hauled into court because someone thinks they have
been libeled, you will likely win the case.

Notice that doesn't keep you out of court, or prevent
tense conversations with lawyers.

The decision to hand the reigns over to someone else
is not something I came up with in the last few days.

I had been considering it for several months.

> Also, it's been your "baby" for so many years, I'm
> asking you, and I hope that others will join me, to
> take some time out, and then reconsider what you said.
> There's probably a silent majority who don't want you
> to do what you're about to do. oracle-l IS Jared Still
> (wow - rhymes)

It was not particularly easy to let go of it, which is
probably why it took me 6 months to make a decision.

I'm glad to leave it in the capable hands of Steve Adams.

Might take me awhile to get over feeling obligated to
check out every post.

> Or am I getting the wrong end of the stick? Are you
> saying that the list is still yours, (you still "own"
> the list), and have just delegated the job of peace
> keeper to someone else? In that case, you can mostly
> ignore my email. 

I remain the owner until Steve says to transfer it 
over to him. There's another post in the last 
week about that.


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