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You want to investigate Real Application Testing.

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Hi everyone.
I've been tasked with doing a performance improvement project for a 3rd party 
We presently lack meaningful Jmeter/Loadrunner simulations to use as a driver.
Instead, the custom has been to use two in house implementations as real time 
benchmarks, effectively using the lower priority workloads as guinea pigs. 
These applications use WebSphere and Tomcat as application servers.
So, my question to the group, is there a function or feature within Oracle 11G 
that I could use to intercept the DML and then replay it later on an 
experimental system? Once we do the improvement on Oracle we then have to redo 
it on DB2. Think time is important.
It is possible that our only recourse will be to develop scripts but I will 
have to dot a lot of I's and cross some t's to justify that.
Thanks for your kind indulgence.

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