Re: Trace who remove dba_jobs

  • From: rjamya <rjamya@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: davidsharples@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 06:33:34 -0400

if that is being done as part of another job, there is long standing
bug that prevents all SQL run as (part of) a job is marked with
address '0' or '00' in v$ and hence you can't detect through v$.

Perhaps you can audit dbms_job execs or create wrapper around dbms_job
that logs calls to a table or to a file using utl_file. Make this new
package in sys schema and call it dbms_my_job. Then create or replace
public synonym dbms_job to point to dbms_my_job and you are good to

However this will not work if someone is using FQNC.


On 9/20/06, David Sharples <davidsharples@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
you cant

On 20/09/06, Sinardy Xing <oracle.rdbms@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > > > Hi guys, > > I have "CSI" task need to discuss with you. > > Some one remove dba_jobs, it is Oracle 8i how can I know who remove the job and what time,

Got RAC?

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