RE: To autostart database or not?

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I have my production dbs auto-started, while the dev dbs not.

Usually the alert log file and trace/dump file would give you enough
clue(s) why the instance goes down.  I am in Boston and I had one db in
California went down at 3am (Boston time) because of power outage. I did
not get the call and it auto-started. 


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We are running a few Oracle9i and 10g databases on RHEL and I have 
always opted NOT to have the databases automatically restart when the 
server goes down due to something unexpected.  My thinking was that if 
the server crashed, then I want to be there to bring up the databases to

assess and repair any damage (yes, I am the only production DBA).

Am I being overly controlling?  Looking for other opinions and thoughts 
on the matter.


Dwayne Cox, Corporate DBA
Info Tech, Inc.



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