RE: To autostart database or not?

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I really like to have the on call dba bring up instances, especially in
the case of a crash.  However, I can definitely see in the case of small
shop where you might want to let them start automatically.  It might
also depend on how good the people are that bring up the system.  Do
they know to call you if there is something strange going on with

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You are not being over-controlling if you want to be called to come in
every time the server burps.  That is the only issue.

Personally, I do not want to be called.  Let Oracle come up by itself
and only call me if it fails to start.


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We are running a few Oracle9i and 10g databases on RHEL and I have 
always opted NOT to have the databases automatically restart when the 
server goes down due to something unexpected.  My thinking was that if 
the server crashed, then I want to be there to bring up the databases to

assess and repair any damage (yes, I am the only production DBA).

Am I being overly controlling?  Looking for other opinions and thoughts 
on the matter.


Dwayne Cox, Corporate DBA
Info Tech, Inc.


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