Re: Thoughts on crs installation on HP-UX

  • From: Maureen English <sxmte@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: K Gopalakrishnan <kaygopal@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 15:42:40 -0900

I just got a little more information...we are only using parts
of Service Guard and Veritas...not sure how to explain with
more details as they are not totally clear to me.

K Gopalakrishnan wrote:

There is no information about Version. So I assume 10gR2.

Is it safe to assume you have 5 nodes on HP-UX/Veritas Cluster and
want to covert that to Oracle (CRS) clusterware cluster?

Also there is no mention of RAC (Though you say you will have 6-10 Non
RAC databases), and if that is the case, why do you need CRS on top of

I am bad at making assumptions,but here some facts.

1. You don't need VCS or Service Guard for RAC. RAC requires Oracle
Clusterware (CRS)
2. Having said that, you can install/run CRS on top of Service
Guard/VCS though it is not a best practice
3. You can have rolling upgrade of Oracle CRS (though all patches are
not rolling upgradeable!)
4. You don't need to install CRS on top of existing clusterware if you
are not running RAC
5. CRS is mandatory for RAC irrespective of OS/hardware



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