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  • From: Jared.Still@xxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 10:27:31 -0700

> It's a test, please ignore it as I have sent 3 mails I couldn't receive
> them, but, I am able to receive other mails oracle-l.
And if you don't see it, what do you do then? 

Send another?

There is an easier and more efficient way to do this.

When you send a post to oracle-l and you don't see it
returned to you from the list, go to the following URL:

If your post is there, then there is no need to send a 
test mail to the list.  The problem lies somewhere between and your email.  Experience has shown that
the problem is *usually* a local one.  eg. mail admin
has recently mangled something.

On occasion it is a misconfigured relay somewhere among
the hops the email must take to reach you.

If the email is not in the archives after a reasonable 
period of time, there is still no reason to send a 
test message.

If you've overquoted a post, it will be returned to you.

Overquoting is as follows:

  The amount of quoting from other posts in your post 
  is > 75% of the email message.

  This is only checked in emails > 25 lines.

The other reason your post may not have shown up is that has not received it.  Again, sending a test
message will not help.



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