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One should also point one's browser to the Terradata web site before
making such harsh statements.  Your bottom of the barrel Terradata
system is going to set you back several millions of dollars since it's
both a hardware and software system.  Now while it is an extremely fast
& capable system for data warehousing it's basic application is towards
the mega pentabyte data warehouse where cost just isn't a player.  Put
mildly, if your CIO/CFO asks how much it costs, you can't afford it.
    And you all thought that Oracle had the Platinum coating?!?

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guys, thanks a big bunch for all the informed responses. ;-) 
thx again,

Dennis Williams <oracledba.williams@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

        Point your developer to
<>  and ask him why none of the Top Ten data
warehouse databases uses Teradata as the DBMS, and four of the Top Ten
use Oracle. The point is that it is silly to claim that you simply must
use Teradata to handle a "serious" data warehouse. While Teradata
undoubtedly has some advantages, the advantages to a company selecting a
more popular database are: 
            - Easier to find DBA and developer talent.
            - Wider array of third-party software tools available.
            - Good access to information and education in the form of
web sites, books, classes, etc.
            - Easy to standardize on the same database platform for all
the company's needs.
            - More users around the globe ensure bugs are found more
            - As a DBA or developer, if you specialize in a niche
product, when you change employers you may have to relocate.
        And when this person starts pontificating his theory along the
lines of the "bifurcated anti-join" being the wave of the future, be
wary, very wary.
        Dennis Williams

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