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  • Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 15:40:53 +0100

I don't know the answer Enrique. 
But an educated guess might be to use the v$temp_space_header_view.
Take a sample couple of your jobs and monitor that view to see what
space I used (non parallel mode). Then re-run the jobs using parallel
2,4,8 (if you have time) and try and quantify what the ratio differences

When you find out let the list know.

My guess is that there will not be a substantial difference apart from
some overhead (I am guessing no more than 10% increase in space
utilisation when using degree=8)


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Does anyone know where to find information related to how increase the
necessary temporary space when I increase the parallel degree?

We have a large data warehouse (20Tb). and lately some ORA-01652 have
raised when we execute some insert /*+  append */ select.

I have decrease the parallel_query, parallel_dml and parallel_ddl
parameters and the insert /*+ append */ takes a long time but it

Thank you very much


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