Re: Temp tbs with no temp file

  • From: Mladen Gogala <gogala@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: zhu chao <zhuchao@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 06:05:09 +0000

On 07/04/2005 01:44:54 AM, zhu chao wrote:
> Or from oracle standby activate also have the same problem.

Of course you have the same problem when you activate the standby database!
Blocks in temporary tablespaces are not protected by redo logs. That means 
that changes of blocks in the temporary tablespace are not written into redo log
files. Consequently, you cannot find them in the archived redo log files, which
means that standby database doesn't need them. You can simply add a new one and 
everything will be OK. I don't see what is the problem? Tempfiles are a 
can be easily handled and you shouldn't care if you lose them. What exactly is
the problem when activating standby?
Mladen Gogala


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