RE: Tbs READ ONLY and Snapshot too old

  • From: "Justin Cave" <justin@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 04:15:23 -0600

ORA-01555 indicates that Oracle was attempting to reconstruct the state of a
block and the earlier state was not available in the undo segments.  By
definition, you cannot get an ORA-01555 error when trying to access a
read-only object.
Do you get these ORA-01555 errors shortly after doing the load or do you get
them throughout the day?  The only thing I can think is that these errors
are caused by delayed block cleanout, but that should take care of itself
soon after the load.  If you get errors throughout the month, I would
suspect that the big tables aren't the cause.
Justin Cave
Distributed Database Consulting, Inc. <> /askDDBC


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Subject: Tbs READ ONLY and Snapshot too old

Hi List, 
just a little question about read only tbs : 
We have big tables that are loaded once and never updated during the month ,

so I think it's a good thing to switch their tbs to read only mode. 
Web have a lot of script that request thoses heavy tables to build small
tables and we often encounter ORA-01555. 
Do you think that "in general" this operation could enhance our ORA-01555
problems ? 

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