RE: Tablespace recovery - TSPITR??

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Backup you test database,open it in mount state, restore the tablespace in
question, do not try to recover because you do not have archivelogs, and
open. Export the table from the test database and import it into the target
database.  This may fail along the way, and if it does let me know, but this
should do it.


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I have a table that I need to recover from an old
backup. I seem to recall reading somewhere that I can
just plug in the old datafile into my test database
and access the table that way. The table is the only
object in the datafile. Unfortunately I do not have
any archived logs available. What I have available is
a test database and an old backup file where the table

If that is not possible, what are my options?

test database - on HPUX
the old backup file was originally also from a
database on HPUX.





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