RE: TOAD Access to other Schemas

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Toad now dynamically figures out Is ALL_ or DBA_ is available and stores
that for use in every query where there is an ALL_ or DBA_ choice... of
course not every DBA_ has an analog and Toad tends to choke then.


As far as Sql Navigator, When I evaluated it about a year ago, I
couldn't even connect to a database UNLESS AND UNTIL it ran a
'server-side script' to create a new user. Whereas in Toad you can do
most everything without a Toad Schema. I complained to Embarcadero and
they said, "Gee, why can't your developers make schemas in Dev." 


I can see how someone un-oracle-initiated would see that as requiring
DBA access.



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AFAIK there is an option in TOAD where you tell TOAD to look for ALL_
views instead of DBA_ views. at-least it was in 7.x.


On 6/14/07, William Wagman <wjwagman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I suspect that may be all that is necessary in TOAD as well although I
don't know. 



Bill Wagman said:


A few years ago one of the development groups here started using SQL
Navigator. When first implemented they were unable to perform many tasks
because they didn't have enough access despite  specific access having
been granted to objects in other schemas on an as needed basis. The
immediate request (demand actually) was to grant DBA access.

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