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Almost exactly my preferences. I tend to add in a record=sqlfilename as
well. I find this can help me understand the transactions a wee bit better

To the OP what Daniel's command will give you is user issued SQL (i.e no
recursive sql) in descending elapsed time order (the sort effectively means
sort by the sum of these 3 not by each in turn) and with wait information
detailed (assuming you captured it in the trace).



On 9/6/06, Daniel Fink <danielwfink@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

tkprof is an o/s command line utility, not a sql*plus command.

I prefer the call to be

tkprof <tracefile> <outputfile> sort=fchela,exeela,prsela waits=yes sys=no

For a complete list of options, call tkprof without any files/parameters.

Daniel Fink

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Hi all,

Does anybody know how to use the TKPROF command to format and analize a trace file generated by SQL?. I generated a trace file named: prt_ora_12733.trc, I am trying to get some detailed information because the trace file is quite big, but I get an error in SQLPLUS when I try to do the following:

TKPROF prt_ora_12733.trc output.prf

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