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I'm just wondering if PUBLIC synonyms are really that much of an impact, 
(expecially in 11g).  Of course we have some apps that log individuals into 
their own accounts, where private synonyms for everyone would be impractical.   
Other apps work other ways, where only a few login accounts would need synonyms 
if at all.

From Steve Adams public_synonym_users.sql

PUBLIC_SYNONYM                      USERS
------------------------------ ----------
RK01_CLM                               20

This was oracle 9i, soon to be 11g...  So the answer could address 9, 10, and 
11 or any combo.

Are we saying that 20 people are serialized on a public synonym latch, (9i 
example)?  I'm more interested in 11g discussions though.

From Grzegorz:

I would say that there is 20 additional memory allocations in shared pool 
tracking dependencies between public synonym and object pointed by it.
I'm not sure about latch contention impact (if any, especially in 11g where 
there are no shared pool latches only mutexecs).
As far as I know private synonyms are lighter .
Perhaps You should start with new post on oracle-l and wait for some experts 
responses .

Grzegorz then posts from year 2000, Steve Adams:

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I use them all the time.  Standard practice here.  I used to use public 
synonyms but now use private syns.  The schema who owns the objects creates 
private syns for the users who need them.


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Kind of out of left field here but I was curious about how many people
here use Synonyms and the types of synonyms they are normally using,
i.e; table/view/column?


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