RE: Symbolic Links on Sun Solaris 5.8/Oracle9.2

  • From: "Jesse, Rich" <Rich.Jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: 'Janardhana Babu Donga' <jbdonga@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 09:28:07 -0500

Hi Babu,

Our largest DB is small in the Oracle world -- only 30GB.  But even if our
DB grows to TB-level, I think I'd still rather treat the physical placement
of the datafiles with logical volumes (i.e. more mountpoints) instead of
using symlinks on the filesystem.

But then again, I don't follow OFA to a tee.  I do like much of OFA, but one
part that really bugs me is the placement of datafiles in the same tree as
the software.  So, while our Oracle software is generally installed on
Unix/Linux in /opt/oracle, our datafiles generally reside in /oracle/SID.
And for our "large" DBs or where I/O performance is perceived to be critical
(and the budget supported it), we've broken out the /oracle/SID directory
into /oracle/SID/sid0, /oracle/SID/sid1, /oracle/SID/sid2, etc, with each
directory being a separate logical volume (and therefore, mountpoint).


Rich Jesse                        System/Database Administrator
rich.jesse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx      QuadTech, Sussex, WI USA

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> How do you guys use while creating the database? Do you 
> specify direct path
> as in OFA (/mountpoint/oradata/sid/data01.dbf) or use 
> directory soft links
> for all the datafiles? What procedures do you follow for 
> medium to large
> databases?
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