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As others say, it is very good for OLTP workload.  Looks like its capacity
is similar to a 8 dual core E2900 to us.
Pay attention to, oracle think it is a 32cpu box, so cpu_count will be 32.
so it will create 6 subpool for your shared pool,  which may lead to each
subpool too small for you.
Not much experience with its avalibility yet

On 3/23/07, Lawie, Duncan <duncan.lawie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Are these servers up to the job of running a database?  It sounds like
they might be OK for OLTP, but bad if there is significant batch work.

Does anyone have performance comparisons against more traditional Sun kit?


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Anyone have or know of a good white paper on setting up and running Oracle
on these servers?  I've searched Google with only a couple of finds.


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