RE: Streams Instantiation Using RMAN Convert Database - 10g

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  • Date: Sun, 16 May 2010 06:57:32 -0400

There is little to no downtime, but some of the up time is read only. Only
use this method if that usage pattern fits your needs.



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Or perhaps the source database remains online/available to users during the
'transfer of files' from one platform to another - but remains offline
during the rman convert command - even so, running the rman convert command
on the source would still lead to considerable downtime.
Sorry I forgot to mention this for a migration from solaris (sparc) to hp-ux
(itanium) - both big endian.



From: Oracle Dba Wannabe <oracledbawannabe@xxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Streams Instantiation Using RMAN Convert Database - 10g

Hi, 3 Node RAC, ASM - Source Database.
Has anyone used RMAN Convert as an instantiation option in streams?, Im
getting conflicting information, or perhaps misunderstanding what is written
in the docs.
The Streams Replication Guide under the 'Performing Instantiations' chapter,
appears to imply that the source database can continue to be up during this
process. However appendix c, which talks about using this method states that
the source database needs to be open read only. If this is the case I fail
to see how this process achieves little to no downtime - since appendix c
appears to talk about a source conversion -even though I don't need to
convert all datafiles I still need to pull them out of ASM. For a large
database that can take some time.
If anyone out there has used this process I'd like to hear your thoughts or
experience with it?......Thanks


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