Re: Strange problem

  • From: Mladen Gogala <gogala.mladen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: fairlie.rego@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 1 May 2017 00:34:02 -0400

On 04/30/2017 06:13 PM, fairlie.rego@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Are you seeing this behaviour if you set

_datafile_write_errors_crash_instance = FALSE (not default) since this is what I do


Hi Fairlie,

I haven't tried that, but I will. Thanks for the advice. For now, I've set filesystemio_options to none, increased the number of db_writer_processes to 2 and dbwr_slaves to 4. What I did notice is the expected increased consumption of memory, since the blocks are now cached in the buffer cache. The nightly batch is still running, the night is still young.


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