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The "pctincrease" parameter made sense to me in the days before
unlimited extents, in the same way "locally managed autoallocate" would
make sense to me now - if you have a table that you think is going to be
small but you're not sure. In the days before unlimited extents, once
you reached the maximum number of extents for a table, you were stuck.
Of course nowadays with unlimited extents there is less of a reason to
use "autoallocate" than there was to use pctincrease in pre-7.3 Oracle.

The "how to stop defragmenting and stop living" paper was originally
written before locally managed tablespaces. I remember reading it before
8.1 was released.

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Mercadante, Thomas F

As far as I was concerned, it became standard practice back in version 6
7.  I *never* liked the pctincrease parameter - it never made any sense

But I would guess that it generally became accepted sometime around when
paper was published.  It was a basic grass-roots-ground-swell type of
that the paper finally formally published, and Oracle agreed to after

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