RE: Statspack setup for 2nd RAC instance ?...basic Qs

  • From: "VIVEK_SHARMA" <VIVEK_SHARMA@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "oracle-l" <oracle-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 23:23:55 +0530

Thanks Barb, folks for responding & the valuable info. Seems I have NOT
communicated the issue sufficiently in my previous postings.

The 2nd instance does NOT Exist in my Statspack Schema setup as of now.

NOTE - NEW Statspack intsllation is being attempted after Migration to
10gR2 RAC from 9i.

How is the 2nd instance to be Added to the Statspack Schema?

Absence of the 2nd instance can be seen from the following Error
ORA-20200 On Running spreport.sql DIRECTLY from the 2nd instance:-

SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/spreport

Current Instance


   DB Id    DB Name      Inst Num Instance

----------- ------------ -------- ------------

  408243075 PNBRAC              2 PNBRAC2

Instances in this Statspack schema


   DB Id    Inst Num DB Name      Instance     Host

----------- -------- ------------ ------------ ------------

  408243075        1 PNBRAC       PNBRAC1      spesuns4p-2

Using  408243075 for database Id

Using          2 for instance number



ERROR at line 1:

ORA-20200: Database/Instance 408243075/2 does not exist in


ORA-06512: at line 23

Installation STEPs done till now are:-

Unix Login to the 1st Node

$ export ORACLE_SID=<1st Instance SID>

$ sqlplus "/ as sysdba"

SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/spdrop.sql

SQL> @?/rdbms/admin/spcreate.sql

Am unable to find this in the Manuals / google / Metalink search


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