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  • From: D'Hooge Freek <Freek.DHooge@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2010 16:44:34 +0200

Depending on how you stopped the cluster resources (for example when explicitly 
stopping the service names) it could be that you have to start the services 
manually after starting the database.
Issue a "srvctl start service -d db" and check if the services are now online.


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Hi folks,

I followed some steps to create my first Cluster with Oracle 10g on Linux using 
However, after the shutdown/startup for several times, now I am not able to 
know what is happening with the cluster after I started up (check the table 
below to see the status services).

I looked for some trace files to see what errors I am having, but I am not 
having sucess.
Paths I already checked:
- /oracle/product/10.2.0/crs/log/rac1
- /oracle/admin/db/bdump/

but no relevant information.

So do you have any suggestion where else to look for?

Thank you all.

HA Resource                                        Target     State
-----------                                        ------     -----
ora.db.PRODUCAO.cs                                 OFFLINE    OFFLINE           
ora.db.PRODUCAO.db1.srv                            OFFLINE    OFFLINE           
ora.db.PRODUCAO.db2.srv                            OFFLINE    OFFLINE           
ora.db.db                                          ONLINE     ONLINE on rac2
ora.db.db1.inst                                    ONLINE     ONLINE on rac1
ora.db.db2.inst                                    ONLINE     ONLINE on rac2
ora.rac1.ASM1.asm                                  ONLINE     ONLINE on rac1
ora.rac1.LISTENER_RAC1.lsnr                        ONLINE     ONLINE on rac1
ora.rac1.gsd                                       ONLINE     ONLINE on rac1
ora.rac1.ons                                       ONLINE     ONLINE on rac1                                       ONLINE     ONLINE on rac1
ora.rac2.ASM2.asm                                  ONLINE     ONLINE on rac2
ora.rac2.LISTENER_RAC2.lsnr                        ONLINE     ONLINE on rac2
ora.rac2.gsd                                       ONLINE     ONLINE on rac2
ora.rac2.ons                                       ONLINE     ONLINE on rac2                                       ONLINE     ONLINE on rac2


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