Re: Standard Edition standby database

  • From: "Paul Drake" <bdbafh@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: sbecker6925@xxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2007 17:07:05 -0400


"Graceful Switchover" refers to a term in a paper by Lawrence To back in the
7.3.4 days.

Both the online redo log and current controlfile had to be copied to the new
location of the primary database (as well as any archived redo logs that
were not applied).
Basically, the standby is no longer a standby database. It is not activated.
It simply is recovered and opened at the primary database, albeit on the
server that used to house the standby database.


On 7/11/07, Sandra Becker <sbecker6925@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't have a problem switching logfiles.  I get the errors when I issue
the command
"alter database commit to switchover to standby with session shutdown;"

I'm thinking that when you have SE, you're not allowed to do the switch
because you can't define a log_archive_dest_n.  Poked around some more and
found a document "Graceful Switchover and Switchback" for versions 7.3,8.0
,8.1.  It might be what I need to do.  Haven't read the entire doc yet

How did you do a graceful switchover on your SE databases?  What about a


On 7/11/07, Neil Overend <neiloverend@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I've had a few 9204, 9207 and 9208 SE databases (Linux and Windows
> 2000) running with standbys.
> These settings work for us
> log_archive_dest                         directory path
> log_archive_duplex_dest            directory path on different disk
> log_archive_start                        TRUE
> log_archive_max_processes     2
> we switch  logs using a dbms_job
> make sure you grant alter system directly to the owner of the job (not
> via a role).
> Use "alter system archive log current" if you script the logswitch and
> log transfer as the first statement returns immediatley (i.e your
> script could carry on while the archive log is being written) but the
> second statement only returns after the archive log is actually
> written.
> Hope this helps, it's always worked for us.

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