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I did not see an email answering this - and I am not sure that this was
supposed to be kept that way [ :-) ]

But if anyone is interested - here is the link

Americas -



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Mark and Kyle,


Is there another option besides Facebook for those of us that avoid
Facebook for religious reasons?  


Yes, privacy is tantamount to a religion to me and it will take more
than $1,401.00 for me to give that up. After all, I turned in my
security clearance to avoid signing another permission slip for a
personal invasion :)


It is a fabulous product, I'd love to get copy for me and one of our
other database geeks and I'd be very willing to provide testimony - just
not on Facebook.


cheers ... Robyn

On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 8:57 PM, Fuad Arshad <fuadar@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks just snagged one to test and play around with.

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Kyle Hailey has wangled us a killer deal on Embarcadero's DB Optimizer,
database performance and tuning tool. Kyle tells me that the  promotion
is on a
first come first serve basis and is limited to the first 100 Oracle-L
members. The specific product is DB Optimizer Pro for Oracle, which has
a retail
price of US$1,500, but if you're reading this post then you can get it
for US$99
or its equivalent in several other currencies. There's a catch, of
course. Kyle
wants your feedback on the product and if you like it, he may even be
you up for a testimonial.

For all details, go to the DB Optimizer page on Facebook :
Click on the "Like" button, then access the "Notes" tab on the DB
Facebook page.


I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up
where I needed to be.
Douglas Adams

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