RE: Somewhat Perplexed - Very Sheepish - Totally Ignorant:SQPLUS after Upgrade

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What happens if you do:
SQL>  !sh

(or bash, or ksh, or whatever your preferred shell is?)


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Thanks, but the directory has both files and directories.  But I just don't get 
a list.  So I decided to see if other commands which should return output might 
work.  I tried the cat command.  SQL> !cat arch.txt     Guess what, no output.  
Simply came back to a prompt.
On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 10:34 AM, Alessandro Vercelli 
<alever@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:alever@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
Sorry, I was wrong: the directory in which you run the command needs to be 
empty (no files and no directories).


>The "ls" command can give also a null response, if you are placed in a 
>directory which has non files (i.e. an empty directory or containing only 
>If the returned prompt is SQL>, that colud be the right behaviour.

>>session and type (for instance) SQL>!ls - it returns to a prompt without
>>listing the files in the directory.  Anybody had this happen to them
>>before?  I tried searching on Metalink, but I don't even know how to phrase


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