Re: Sincere Advice on Sql Plan - Thanks

  • From: Ganesh Raja <ganesh.raja@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Mark W. Farnham" <mwf@xxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 13:52:10 +0100


Yes ANSI seems a Bit off to me ... ANyways i am going to evaluvale
what they have done .. It is a common APP which can also have DB2 has
the database .. [HAte it when they do this .. End of the day u dont
use the Best Features available on Both]

So Lex no Bitmaps .... 


On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 08:17:51 -0400, Mark W. Farnham <mwf@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >As regards the In List ... (I am answering to Marks Comments also)
> >This is Part of a Java Program and the Where clause is Built on the
> >fly ... That is the Reason u see so many Tables there but none being
> >used in the Where or Select List.
> >The IN List needs to be there since it also Dynamic in the sense the
> >User May select more than one.
> <snip>
> All of Lex's stuff, as usual, made sense.
> I want to be clear that I expected that this was a generated statement and
> my point was that if you have the high and low bounds of those in lists in
> hand you can also generate the range restricting predicates. The ins are
> required filters, but the ranges may trigger the use of better plans and if
> correctly generated do not override the filtering provided by the in lists.
> Add the ranges where usable indexes exist and it *MIGHT* give you a better
> plan. You should be able to test this by hand before you alter your
> generator.
> The usual advice about figuring out a way to generate this with bind
> variables should also be injected, though I don't know the rules of
> possibility of doing that in the "NEW" syntax format, and I don't think that
> is the problem you're trying to solve at this moment.
> As for deciphering your two queries in detail for (lack of) equivalence as
> Lex suggested, I wish you good luck. While I find it easy to make changes to
> a query that I can guarantee are isofunctional, I find it difficult, mind
> numbing, and boring to analyze whether two similar complex queries someone
> else has generated are equivalent.
> Regards,
> mwf

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