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Servers are shared, but only service one SQL statement at a time.

Sessions queue up behind busy servers if some SQL statements
are running too long

Been a long time since I've messed with MTS, and I don't recall
how to detemermine this.

google for "queue mts shared server oracle" and you will find
a number of hits with some SQL queries to examine share server
performance views.

The problem could also be less than optimal SQL tying up
the server and dispatcher.


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Shared server tuning

I have a six-month-old Oracle database that is using shared server
connections. Users are complaining about system slowness sporadically
throughout the day, but I don't see any CPU, i/o, or network-related 
with the server itself. I have run a few Statspack reports through, and they all say that I can get a 90%+ gain by tuning MTS. In
addition, in the waits section, virtual circuit status is by far the event
with the most wait time.

I have checked the v$shared_server_monitor view, and nothing raises a flag
with me. SERVERS_HIGHWATER has never come close to approaching
MAX_SHARED_SERVERS. There are some servers started and terminated 
the business day (3-4), but I don't think this would causes the symptoms I
am seeing.

Personally, I am tempted to switch to using dedicated connections. Our
Peoplesoft Financials and HR databases use this, so I doubt this 
would have a problem with it.

Does anybody have any thoughts or ideas? 


Aaron Sentell
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