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Have you tried cursor_sharing = force?


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We are using compiled code that cannot change.  It is not using reusable
code.  It is doing thousands of inserts across a dblink which is
generating a new sql statement for every insert.  The job crawls until
we do a flush.  Then it runs very fast. =20


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Frequent commits are not the solution for shared pool problems, and in
fact, frequent commits may cause other problems.  Allow your transaction
size and commit frequency be determined by a logical interpretation of
your business rules. =20

As to shared pool sizing and analysis, some things to consider:
1.)  How do you know it's shared pool size that's hurting you? What have
you done to ensure you've correctly identified the=20
problem?  Are you seeing symptoms like ORA-4031?  What else
do you see?

2.)  Are you using bind variables?  This is absolutely
critical for efficient shared pool sizing and utilization.

3.)  If lack of binds is not a problem, why is the size increasing?  Are
you seeing lots of child cursors in=20
V$SQL?  If so, why?  Investigating V$SQL_SHARED_CURSOR
may be informative.

4.)  Has your application changed recently?  Is it=20
sending the database a larger number of unique SQL
statements?  Perhaps you simply need to consider
increasing the shared_pool_size parameter.

4.)  As Ruth mentioned, flushing the shared pool *might*
be a stop-gap measure.  I hesitate to mention it at all, because it can
sometimes cause more damage than do good. It's really not a long-term
solution.  I would concentrate on the points raised in #1-#3 above.

Hope that helps,


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Our shared pool is filling up and slowing down batch updates.  Is there
a way to correct this problem besides frequent commits, or enlarging the
shared pool?



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