Re: Sftp for transport tablespace

  • From: Jared Still <jkstill@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Michael.Kline@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 09:14:31 -0800


My guess is that you are on a 32 bit system, and the sftp
utility cannot handle any file greater than 2 gig.  When you
get to 2 gig, it is done.

Same thing for cp, scp and something else I can't recall.
Yes, been there done that.

The method I used when trying to overcome the 2 gig limit
to copy a file to another machine on the network ( my laptop
in this case) was to use netcat.

Netcat was started on my laptop listening on a port and redirecting
output to a file.

Netcat was used on the linux box to send the file to that port on
my laptop.

I don't recall the exact syntax, but it was fairly simple and easy to
figure out after a couple minutes with the man page.

You may want to investigate setting up a TCP tunnel with ssh, and
then using netcat on top of it, as that would give you the security
of sftp.

Or not, I haven't actually tried that bit.  :)

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 15:52:57 -0500, Kline.Michael
<Michael.Kline@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm trying to use sftp for "security" reasons, but I've got some
> tablespaces that are quite large, and they are giving me some very
> strange errors. The old "bad" ftp routine handles these just perfectly.
> The disk being sent to is more than large enough, some 60GB.
> Can't find much on google, but there's talk that if it's a 32-bit module
> it may not be able to handle files > 4gb. Still, these are only about
> 3GB.

Jared Still
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