RE: Semi-OT: It's the Code, Stupid!

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Well, take Peoplesoft as an example, 5885 tables with NO referential
integrity, no constraints at all, except for all of those NOT NULL
constraints.  It's the attitude of developers that the logic should be
in the application, not the database.=20

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On 6/2/05, Powell, Mark D <mark.powell@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> From experience I am surprised when a vendor product does not fall
> the "worst-case" scenario as far as the database design, process, and
> code is concerned.

it results, i believe, from trying to be "database independent".  and
that's something i never have agreed with.  if the options are
available in the database, use them.  "database Independence" just
lead to bad design, bad code and a bad implementation.

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