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     It's their responsibility to deal with the client.
I should have said for now this was just for sqlplus on the same server
as the database.


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Larry, there is a potential problem with your idea.  Depending on the
version of the Oracle client and possibly the connection method in use
the v$session.program column may be null.  Some versions of the client
fail to pass in the program name.  Still the database logon event
trigger can be useful and is a viable option.  Between v$session and
sys_context a good deal of information is available for capture and use.

IMHO -- Mark D Powell --

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We have login triggers to track connections to our databases.
Works very well.

I wonder why your client is worried about sqlplus rather than any other
tool available in the world.  Nothing magical about sqlplus - unless
they are worried about sysdba (internal) connections.


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One of our clients wants to put out a security message, like the one
that shows up to a OS user, anytime someone runs sqlplus on a server.

2 years ago we suggested they use the glogin.sql code to provide this.
They finally came back and asked us if we could implement it.

        Now we're vacillating between that and using a login trigger to
do it.
One advantage of the login trigger is we can identify what programs are
actually being run against the database and from where.

        Does anyone have a better suggestion or idea(s)?

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