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We are not using RMAN encryption.  We have multiple backups and want to
use the same encryption for all of them for simplicities sake.  I am
trying to answer a "what-if?" question.  These backups, like probably
everyone elses, are going to go off-site to a secure, hardened facility.
I'm pretty sure there is limited interest in our data but management
wants to know how hard it would be to recover data from a datafile.  If
they had the whole backup could just to restore it to a server

This interest extends to our scratch tapes.  Once they expire they old
tapes are returned here and thrown into a bin for reuse.  If I
understand correctly the Veritas software marks them as expired and
can't be used to pull them off the tapes but I'm sure some smart person
somewhere could.   

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        Have you tried setting encryption on for an rman backup?
According to the FM it's suppose to encrypt the output for removable

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Hi Don,

I'm in the process of researching and developing what will be an open 
source, post-database intrusion forensics tool called F.E.D.S. (the
Examiner's Database Scalpel) that is capable of extracting information
row data, deleted or otherwise, from datafiles and the redo logs. Some
this research I've written up in the following papers:

If you're concerned about people gaining unauthorized access to data on 
backup files you should look to encrypt them (there are a number of 
commercial and open source solutions available) and store them in a 
physically secure location.

David Litchfield

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Is it possible to recover information from an undo datafile?   I have
been searching for information on securing oracle datafiles and see that
there are .dbf file viewers that claim to be able to view/edit/export
the contents as text.   I am thinking that its not likely to be possible
to reconstruct anything usable from an undo datafile.

I know that Oracle 10G has the ability to encrypt the contents of
datafiles and store the key in a wallet.  We are planning an upgrade in
a year but right now I'm having to answer questions about vulnerabilty
of backups stored on removable media.

Don Freeman
Database Administrator 1
Bureau of Information Technology
Pennsylvania Department of Health
(717) 703-5782


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