RE: Script to create schema?

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Another product I played with that might help you was called DDLWizard.
You should be able to do a Google on it.  It operates on export files
and allows you to generate HTML or text scripts of the DDL.

I heard about it on one of these discussion groups and it worked nicely
for what I was doing at the time.
I think the url was 

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I am moving schemas between instances and need to make some schema
changes, like storage sizes. This is Oracle 8i, so I can't use the new
DBMS_METADATA package. Thanks to a tip from Jared Still from several
years back, I take an export file with ROWS=N and filter that with the
Unix strings command. However, there is still a fair amount of editing
to get it shaped up. I started to write a Perl script to do this task,
but thought maybe someone had already done this.

Does anyone have a script that will pretty up the output from the
export? Or a SQL script that extracts a schema in 8i?

Dennis Williams


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