Re: Scalability fo Batch Operations in RAC

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  • Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 02:11:24 +0100

So the overhead associated with communication between two nodes is 50%? Sounds like bad scaling, but we've seen it worse :) We need the wait-profile, not the blocking and interconnect information.

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Ravi_Kulkarni@xxxxxxxx wrote:

Are you using Parallelism (are you seeing parallel slaves being spawned on node 2 as seen in gv$px_session when batch job is running) ? DB /Table/index level ?
Try rerunning load by turning off Parallelism at each level.
Remember, default DOP (degree of parallelism) is a function of # instances, cpu_count and few parallel% parameters.

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Hi Gurus,
We are running a heavy batch operation of a banking application on RAC. Say the configuration is a 2 node 4 CPU Itanium2 box running <>.


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