RE: SSH Autologin problem

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  • Date: Tue, 1 May 2007 20:08:51 -0600

And mysteriously, after two reboots... it works. Don't know why, but it


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  On 5/1/07, Greg Norris <spikey.mcmarbles@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    On 5/1/07, Robert Freeman <robertgfreeman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    If you haven't already, doublecheck the permissions on ~/oracle/.ssh,
~oracle, and all of the parent directories.  OpenSSH, which is what I assume
you're using, can be quite picky about group/world-writeable directores...
it's possible to disable this check by setting "StrictModes no" in
sshd_config, although that wouldn't be my recommended approach.

    Another possibility (albeit unlikely) would be that the sysadmin has
explicitly disabled public-key authentication, either globally or for
specific users/groups.  An examination of sshd_config should reveal this,
assuming that they haven't also made the file unreadable (as my own
sysadmins are rather fond of doing).

  It might also be helpful to run the ssh client in verbose mode, like:

  $ ssh -v node1


  $ ssh -vvv node1

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